Reconsider Your Investments

Reconsider Your Investments

Reconsider Your Investments, Savings and Expenses

Things to Consider

Many times, unless we do something, we do not realize until too late that we have strayed from the path. Someone else was paying for things that we were neglecting. Someone else did not make the progress we hope for. Someone changed the information we have, or did not make enough money to even keep up. Reconsider Your Investments

ots like banking are designed to suck the hard earned money of everyone who comes in. But did you know that you are part of the problem, not the solution? We use our bodies to exhaust ourselves, yet have no solutions. If we are not honest with ourselves about who we are and where we are, how do we expect to improve the situation we are in?Do you have enough money? 신불자대출 해주는 곳 If I was going to ask you, do you have enough money for the accounts that you want? The average American savings rate? How much is enough? This is really important to remember.

I guess what I am getting at is that we have all strayed away from where we are supposed to be. Yes, people are making more money, spending more money and we see the out tall graphs, which only goes to show that we have strayed far from where we should be. I am looking at the general graph and I see a lot of blue. This is rare, but it happens. What I need to work on is the graph. I want to spend less and save more.

What I have been asking myself is do I have the will power and discipline it takes to make the change happen? It seems unlikely that I can discipline myself to change, especially when I do not have enough money but can call the bank and ask for an increase.

Next, with the current situation as it stands, I need to change my investments. I am not ready financially (I still need to do the EFS re-assessment) so I have to look elsewhere. Till I find indeed we need to change my investment path. I am looking at the price of Oil versus Gold, if still making investment decisions myself. Reconsider Your Investments

Finally, in looking at my savings plan, I need to look at my expenses, will there be repricing. What about Insurance (Health, Lines of Credit, Disability, etc.) I must make choices here. And I want a plan in place to protect my loved ones from extreme situations.Another reason we fall into debt or crisis is because we do not make choices when we are programmed. When we graduate from high school and onto college, we do not make the right moves to adulthood. We stick to the system because we feel trapped and are repayment is the only solution, but it does not work and we feel so powerful. In looking at my own life, what can I change? I will admit that I have had too many healthcare premiums that should not have been. I am paying for this now on my own terms, a year at a time. Did I make a wrong move? Possibly, and I am still trying to figure that out. Also, I have to save more, not spend more as I did in my younger days. Last, I have to survive the economy of today, how can I make adjustments to do this?

There are many reasons that we spend money, to include some of my other expenses. I should be working to minimize my spending. I know for a fact, that I am not doing that enough. I want to survive this week and last, of course the unpredictable, but how can I erase a lifetime of spending and find peace for the future? It is my choice, then it is yours.

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