meditation for sleep Showing up For Your Life

Just Because You’re a Cosmic Hero inhabitant of this amazing universe, doesn’t mean you can’t be a rock star in your day-to-day life. Learn to manage your energy as a hero, so you can embrace the times when your work and life are in mesh.

If you find your energy extremely low, it doesn’t mean you’re being a support rock star. Sometimes you are super tired and just need to get a bit of rest and repair.

You may need to consider taking a sabbatical from work, so you can recuperate. You may need to pull a clear signal, so you can attend to the other important issues of your life. You may need to use your work to balance your personal life, such as house repairs, yard work, etc. You may have to consider apologizing to your boss, so you can get a much-needed personal space to be able to show up with your brilliance.

You may not even need to work half as hard as you used to when you were operating in high energy. You could be going harder and harder, without any payoff. No one’s looking at you; no one’s noticing; you feel like the rock star, but actually, you’re feeling extremely drained.

We all are being supported, albeit, sometimes, not so much as by other people.

When our personal needs are neglected, we lose our sense of purpose. We sometimes feel like there’s barely enough oxygen to keep us alive, and sometimes our life support may be a detriment to our well-being. meditation for sleep

Expressing the real you, as your divine self, in your work, means you will need to take time out to rejuvenate and recharge your batteries so you can stay connected to what’s important to you, and you will be able to do your job from a place of engagement, rather than strain.

I like to think of being so joyous that I am full of energy, and full of life when I’m doing my job, that I want to shout from the mountain top. I want the world to weep with joy as I show up, shine from the top of my stage, play to completion, and leverage myself in a way that brings pure joy and allows me to turn on a dime.

Do some doctors recommend that we consider being a rock star when we have personal time, such as after a massage (or a holiday, for that matter)? If someone told you that you were meant to rock at your job, perhaps in your bedroom, you may find a little humor, a new light on the situation.

You are not alone. I am standing right next to you, and we can impact our real world with our very peaceful energy and ease in such a way, that, before opening our mouths, we are just going to hit the “red button”, and start filling the rest room with Yoda, and turn the light on.

I say Yoda because if you can create it in your mind, you will believe it. You will believe it when you see it in your work and your world.

If you feel your energy and joy levels decreasing, I invite you to re-evaluate what brings you and Your Cosmic Hand to work. When you are going at a full clip, you feel so on top of the world, that before you know it, it’s all gone.

Those days when your energy and joy seem to be getting away from you, I invite you to take inventory: Do you feel yourself losing focus and excitement? Do you have clues that you are out of touch with the untouched parts of yourself you may not even be aware of?

Only you can do this. Only you can take it upon yourself, to discover what’s underneath your upsets and challenges. Only you can take it upon yourself to tap into your deep emotional wisdom and find a way to bring that depth to the space around you and in your business. I guarantee these are the times when your pay-off is unavoidable.

I challenge you to create your fun and consciously believe in what’s possible.

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