Oral Sex Tips to Make Her Sizzle

Most women are very sensitive to a mans level of oral sex skill. They can feel it if a mans lips are slightly wet or dry and depending on the mans scent it can drive a woman wild. That being said one of the best oral sex tips to make her sizzle has little to do with oral at all. It has to do with the frame of mind when you are pleasuring her.

It’s not about going down there and sucking. It’s about using your hands. And using them well. The best foreplay tips to make her sizzle has to do with the way you touch her. It has little to do with the way you kiss her. It has more to do with the way you touch her.

It should be a total turn on when you touch her and in what way. It should leave her with a smile on her face. The true key to giving a woman great pleasure is letting go and being animalistic in your approach. Men are taught to be gentle and caring and sexy. That’s why for most of my life I’ve been a Virgo. But I can tell you that if you live your life in that fashion, then you willsexually frustrate your woman.

To give a woman pleasure you have to be dominant. And a dominant man will not only express his masculinity in bed, he will take charge. The best foreplay tips to make her sizzle have little to do with oral sex. They are about being dominant in bed. 휴지 심 둘레는 모두 똑같은가?

As for oral sex, it’s a great way to give a woman multiple orgasms. I highly suggest you learn some of these super effective techniques so you can turn her into putty and enjoy sex for years to come.

The best way to suck a woman’s clitoris is with the tongue. So perform fellatio using your tongue first. But knowing how to use your tongue will not make you an expert at sucking her clitoris. Mastering this technique will not only give her the most explosive orgasm ever, will give her multiple orgasms. So it’s worth a shot.

While using your hands to suck her breasts, grab the breasts with a pliers. This will give her power over the situation and ensure that she is really pleased.

Use some good lubricant and massage the entire breast. Start from the center and work your way to the outer edges. The woman’s breast tissue will be bullet shaped and this is where the attention of the tongue will be at.

Starting and stopping stimulation is one of the best and most effective techniques of the foreplay. Stop when she’s enjoying and continue when she’s being painful. The longer you stop, the more she will be able to anticipate the next touch.

The next technique is that of the doggie style. This is where you penetrate her from behind. Make sure you are careful not to enter her too soon as she is very sensitive. Try to find her g-spot and you’ll fire off one hell of a orgasm.

As you can see, it is not hard to give a woman total and complete satisfaction. All you need is the right knowledge about her body and the right technique. Learn them and you can be sure that she will have an orgasm every time.

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