5 Ways to Please Your Man

5 Ways to Please Your Man

5 Ways to Please Your Man That Will Have Him Begging For More

5 Ways to Please Your Man : There is more than one way to please a man, but you need to execute them in the right way to make him hunger for more. You have to go beyond the limits and unhook your sexual aptitude to keep a man in a sexual high.

Come up with ways to bring excitement into the whole act and make your presence felt in a sexy way. To make sure you share more than just penetration, here are a few mattress tips and tricks that will certainly throw your man a little over the edge. www.quick-via.com Viagra delivery for your sexlife!

1. Tie him up before you strip… One of the easiest ways to please your man is to keep his imagination high. Before having sex, tie him up with your clothes including your bra and garter panties. Apart from making him hot and horny, the fact that he is bound will make you feel more confident and assume the spirit of seduction.

2. Give him visual stimulation…are you aware of the power of your eyes? Use your eyes to tease him before getting down to the physical foreplay. Give more room to your curves by showing him your cleavage or craving for a certain piece of fabric to wear.

3. Talk dirty…making love is a verbal show of intimacy and desire. Tease him with naughty words or whisper your desires in his ear. The earlier you start talking dirty, the more likely you can remove your inhibitions and allow yourself to ooze with erotic energy.

4. Give him a massage… The best way to please your man is to give him a massage. Use oils that smell and have a strong taste. You can rub the area above his penis with the olive oil. For a man, the whole body is an erogenous zone and the genitals certainly fall in this category.

5. worn panties… Knowing what turns a man on and drives him crazy can be difficult. However, wearing tight-fitting panties can take your game to another level. Not only can it intensify his pleasure, but it can give you a sense of satisfaction you’ve never had before.

6. Change it up regularly…tease your man by donning a completely different outfit once he thinks that he is alone. It may be your school uniform or a sexy nurse costume. The unexpected can bring great thrills and can make singles even more eager to keep the relationship.

7. Flirt with him through text messages… or by leaving a voice message… Flirting is one of the many super-sex ways to say “I’m turned on” to your man. And Smiling. Lots of smiling.

One of the many kids’ hobbies is to draw super heroes and sometimesSuperGirlsor cartoons. And why not? For girls, any Super Girl is pretty hot. And for guys, even a school boy can be a super sexy Super Boy. 5 Ways to Please Your Man

For a change, why not try being the super- Sexy Super Girl for the day? leaving your clothes on and just letting yourself go. Can you imagine just how turned on he might get, merely by seeing you alluring yourself in front of him like this?

He’ll be like a dog on heat. Costumes and acting are all well and good in the bedroom, but better for him, do you think, that you dress up and wear sexy clothes when you are home together?

Better still, what if you each draw a super hero and you go to him for help after you get back from work? The laundry is already done, the dishes are in the sink and it’s just the two of you in your pajamas, watching a movie together while you Occasionally touch each other’s bodies? What could be better?

Or, if you’re feeling really horny and looking forward to an evening of passion, then why not just go ahead and jump in the shower with him already thoroughly aroused and waiting in bed? There’s no point in starting a foreplay game over again, after all what’s the point of dying down the lust after you’ve already shared a delicious meal? And what’s the fun of having dead rabbit really get up and drag you off to the bedroom?

Sex is all about routines – patterns, repetitions and routines. And just like when you were a teenager playing doctor or swimming by the pool, sex needs to be regularly updated with new moves, tricks, contortions and techniques. Just as a cardio workout may have been helpful before going to the gym, sex before or after exercise is useful to maintain that health.

So rather than Afterwardsplay, make your routine more like an exercise program. That means there are times when you really shouldn’t just give in to your baser instincts, but rather take control over your own body, doing your thing and showing your man exactly how it’s meant to be done. 5 Ways to Please Your Man

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